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SEPTEMBER 6th, 2013
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Sarah Sarah is most thankful to her parents for the gift of two loving big brothers & five amazing role-model sisters. As the second-youngest, Sarah spent her childhood twirling & dancing around, putting on talent shows for her parents & grandparents. Her creative spirit and eye for design was established at a young age, as she highly disapproved of Mattel鈥檚 ? furnishings and d茅cor within her Barbie House. If Barbie needed an interior makeover (which was frequent) Sarah looked through Sunday newspaper ads & IKEA magazines for inspiration, drew the new contents by hand and placed them as backdrops in the Barbie house. After graduation from Mater Dei High School, Sarah explored the metropolitan life in San Francisco and graduated with a BS in Interior Design from San Francisco State University. Sarah is adding to her vows that she will forever allow a one-room 鈥渕an-den鈥?with it鈥檚 contents and d茅cor subject to Bradley鈥檚 discretion.


sed on, and she re▓turned to her husband’s pallet with large tear●s stealing down her cheeks. ▓ “Rachel, my own dear wife, do not weep thus; ▓he will come yet,” whispered Perez, claspin●g her hands in both his; “and if he do not, oh●, may God bless him still! Tell him there was no▓ thought of anger or reproach wi▓thin me.My firstborn, first beloved, b●eloved through all—for wayward, indifferent a●s he is, he is still my son—per●haps if he tarry till too late,● remorse may work upon him f▓or good, may awaken him to better thou▓ghts, and if our God in His mercy detain him fo▓r this, we must not grieve that he is ab●sent.” For a moment he pau●sed; then he added, mournfully, ▓“I had hoped he would have su●pplied my place—would have been to yo●u, my Rachel, to his brothers and▓ sisters, all that a firstborn should; but it ●may not be.God’s will be done!” “O●h, no, no; do not say it may no▓t be, dear uncle! Think how young he is! Is the▓re not hope still” interposed Sarah, so earn▓estly, th


at the colour rose to her c●heeks.“He will be here, I know he will●, or the letter has not reached him.You canno▓t doubt his love; and whilst there is l●ove, is there not, must ther●e not be hope” The dying man▓ looked on her with a faint, sad smile.“I d●o not doubt his love, my chil●d; but oh, if he love not his G▓od, his love for a mortal will not keep him from● the evil path.His youth is but a vain p▓lea, my Sarah; if he see not his duty as a so●n and brother in Israel now, ▓when may we hope he will but you are righ●t in bidding me not despond.He is my h●eaviest care in death; but my● God can lighten even that.” ● “Death,” sobbed Leah, suddenly flinging hers●elf on her knees beside the bed and covering her▓ father’s hand with tears and kisses, “death! ▓Father, dear, dear father, do not say that dread▓ful word! Y


Down in San Diego for a weekend to visit Bradley鈥檚 mom, the pair decided to spend the beautiful morning at Balboa Park. After returning to their hotel, Bradley asked Sarah to run up to their room for a bottle of wine that had been chilling. Bradley said he was going to ask concierge for a 鈥渨ine opener鈥?and that he鈥檇 meet her in the courtyard. As Sarah opened the door to the room, she 鈥渇reaked out鈥? thinking she was in the wrong room. It was decorated with bouquets of her favorite flowers, decadent treats and champagne. Rose petals on the floor led her to the open balcony, and as she walked out she saw Bradley waiting for her down below, with a huge grin on his face. And like out of a fairy tale, Romeo asked Juliet to be his wife. She giggled, and said yes. Bradley had it all captured by a hidden, sniper-style photographer.



t now, oh, it seems▓ but as the herald of joy, of bliss which wi●ll never, never change.My children, ●think that I go to God, and do not grieve fo▓r me.” “If not for you, my fathe●r, chide us not that we weep for ▓ourselves,” answered Simeon,▓ struggling with the rising sob;▓ “what have you not been to al●l of us and how may we bear▓ to feel that to us you are lost for ev●er, that the voice whose acce●nts of love never failed to thrill our ●hearts with joy, and when in reproa


ch ever bro●ught the most obdurate in repentant ▓sorrow to your feet, that dear, dear voi▓ce we may never—” he could not go on for hi●s own voice was choked. “My boy, we▓ shall all meet again; follow on in th●at path of good in which I have humbly sough●t to lead you; forget not yo●ur God, and the duties of your f●aith; obey those commands and behests which● to Israel are enjoined; never forget that, as c●hildren of Israel, ye are the first●born and beloved of the Lord; serve Him,● trust Him, wait for Him, and oh, believe the



wo▓rds of the dying! We shall meet ▓again never more to part.I do ▓but go before


will come to me●; there are many homes in heaven where ●the loved of the Lord sha



—father, dear fathe▓r, how may we so love the Lord, as to b●e so loved by him” tearfully inquired th▓e young Joseph, drawing back the curtain▓ at the head of the bed, which had before conc▓ealed him, for he did not like● his father to see his tears.“Does he ▓look upon us with the same love as upon y●ou, who have served him so faithfully and wel●l Oh, what would I not do, that I may look▓ upon death as you do, and feel that I may c●ome to you in heaven, written ▓amongst those He loves.” “▓And our God does love you, my little Josep●h, child as you are, or you would not think▓ and wish this; my works are● not more in His sight than ●yours.Miserable indeed should I now be, if I h▓ad trusted in them alone for my sa▓lvation and comfort now.No, my sweet boy, you▓ must not look to deeds alone; study th▓e word of your God to know and l●ove Him, and then will you obey His command●ments and statutes with rejoicing, and glor●y that He has given you tests by▓ which you may prove the lov▓e you bear Him: and in death, t●hough the imperfection and insufficiency of y▓our best deeds be then revealed,● you will feel and know you hav▓e not loved your God in vain.His infinite m▓ercy will purif


y and pardon.” His voice s▓unk from exhaustion; and Rachel, bending over▓ him to wipe the moisture from his brow, tende●rly entreated him not to speak any more the▓n, despite the comfort of his simpl▓est word. “It will not hurt me, love,” ▓he answered, fondly, after a pause.“I bless G▓od that He permits me thus to speak, be▓fore I pass from earth for ever.When▓ we meet again, there will be no need for me t▓o bid my children to know and love the Lord; f●or we shall all know Him, from the smalles▓t to the greatest of us.But to▓ you, my own faithful wife, oh, what shall I sa▓y to you in this sad moment I can but giv●e you to His care, the God o●f the widow and the fatherle▓ss, and feel and know He will not leave you no▓r forsake you, but bless you ▓with exceeding blessing.And in th▓at heavy care—which, alas! I must le●ave you to bear alone—care for ▓our precious Reuben, oh, my beloved wife, rem▓ember those treasured words, which were ●our mutual strength and comfort, when we l▓aboured in our youth.How well do I reme●mber that blessed evening



, when ●we first spoke our love, and in our momen▓tary despondence that long year●s must pass ere we could hope● for our union, we opened the hallowed word of ▓God, and could only see this ver▓se: ‘Commit thy ways unto the Lord, trust als●o in him and he will bring it to ▓pass.’ And did He not bring it to pass, dear● wife Did He not bless our efforts, and ●oh, will He not still Yes, trust in Him; c●ommit our Reuben unto Him, and all shall yet ●be well!” “Yes, yes, I know it will●; but oh, my husband, pray for m


Ninety years ago, construction began on La Morada (鈥渄welling鈥?in Spanish), the first building in what would become Rancho Santa Fe. Now known as The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe, 鈥淭he Inn鈥?to locals, it was then a guesthouse for prospective land buyers, a place to 鈥減ut them up鈥?while they looked at lots owned by the Santa Fe Land Improvement Company. The company, a subsidiary of the Santa Fe Railway, had bought up parcels, planting eucalyptus trees for railroad spikes. But as history has so often shown, not everything goes according to plan. The wood, the company discovered, was too soft to hold the spikes. It was on to plan B.

your kindn▓ess, however he may turn aside, however he ma●y fall; even if that fearful indifference ●increase, and in faith he scarc▓ely seems your brother, my children, my ble●ssed children, oh, love him still.Seek by kin●dness and affection to bring him back to his ●deserted fold.Promise me to love him, to● bear with him; forget not that he is your broth▓er, even to the last.Many a wander▓er would return if love welcomed him back, many ▓a one who will not bear repr●oach.Do not cast h

im from your hearts, my● children, for your dead father’s s●ake.” “Father, father, c▓an you doubt us” burst at on●ce from all, and rising from their varied post▓ures, they joined hands around him.〃埌Love him! yes.However he may forget a▓nd desert us, he is still our brother ●and your son.We will love him,▓ bear with him.Oh, do not fear ▓us, father.There needed not this promise,?/p>

Just as the architecture of the missions tells a story about the history of California, so does Lilian Rice鈥檚 legendary design of The Inn. It is a perfect representation of old California charm and Rice's belief that true beauty lies in simplicity rather than ornateness. The Inn is a perfect reflection of Rice's dream - a place where time stands still amidst the simplistic, natural beauty that is Rancho Santa Fe.    Go would?/a> and ?soon for more information.


an●d my aunt as kind a mother Whose am● I if I am not yours Where shall● I find another such home” “Yet ▓you have a father, my gentle girl; one w●hom I have lately feared would claim you, becau▓se they told me he was once more a wealthy ▓man.And if he should, if he would off

er● you the rest and comfort of ▓competence, why should you labour th●roughout your young years for us If he be rich,● he surely will not forget h

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